Where the Job Postings Are

Listings for library positions come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find listings in all sorts of places.  I’ll share the ones I found the most useful here, and I’m hoping that you all will add even more in the comments.

Online: http://joblist.ala.org/
Twitter: @ALA_JobLIST

ALA’s job listing site.  Searchable in a number of ways (by date posted, by type of library, amount of experience required, etc.).  New postings are regularly shared on Twitter, along with articles that share relevant career-search advice.  You can also upload a resume (registration is free) and then employers can search for you. [Full disclosure: I found my current job following this Twitter feed.]

Online: http://http://www.libgig.com/
Twitter: @libgig_jobs

Good site for both job listings (including some that aren’t in the library industry but might be of interest to librarians). Also has lots of links to articles on job hunting and career development.

USA Jobs
Online: http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/

If you’re looking for a job in a government library or archive, this is the place to start.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Online: http://chronicle.com/section/Jobs/61/

Academic librarians are among the many job listings in the Chronicle.

Library Job Postings on the Internet
Online: http://www.libraryjobpostings.org/

Exactly what the title makes it sound like. Includes links to a number of state library associations’ job pages.

Archives Gig
Online: http://archivesgig.livejournal.com/
Twitter: @archivesgig

Run by my friend Meredith, a source for those of you that aspire to work with archives, records, and special collections.

Other Places to Look:

Individual state library associations. Twitter (I just found @needalibraryjob today). Your LIS program – many of them keep listservs for both current students and alumni to share job postings. Wisconsin-Madison SLIS students, here’s your link: http://www.slis.wisc.edu/careerservices-jobslistserv.htm.

If there’s a particular library/libraries or school(s) you want to work at, I recommend visiting their sites directly to see if they have job postings available.

All right. I know I just scratched the surface of what’s out there. If you’ve found other websites, twitter feeds, facebook pages, newspapers, or any thing else you think other folks should know about, add them to the comments!